A warm welcome to everyone who is interested in reading or learning more about my books about investing. My most recent title, published in 2021, is entitled The End of the Everything Bubble and warned about the risk of a severe market downturn that I feared would wipe out some $75 trillion of global wealth. This is exactly, sad to say, what is now unfolding across all the major asset classes – stocks, bonds and real estate – and we are not through the worst yet. The blame for this debacle lies firmly with the misguided monetary and fiscal policies that policymakers have been pursuing since the global financial crisis. I shall be updating my thoughts on where the markets go next in regular commentaries that you can read here or on the website of the Global Opportunities Trust, an investment trust where I am the Chief Investment Officer and lead fund manager. You can sign up here to receive those updates automatically whenever they are published. Simply put your email address into the box to the right of this page.

Q and A: Crunch time for policymakers

Sandy Nairn discusses the fallout from the global financial crisis and how governments have responded with one of Britain’s most distinguished civil servants, Lord Macpherson, the former Permanent Secretary at the Treasury (2005-2016) and as such a a key player in guiding policy through the global financial crisis (GFC) and helping to ensure that the crisis did not spiral downwards to precipitate a rerun of the depression of the 1930s. But has the initial success of the policy response to the crisis been undermined by the reluctance of policymakers subsequently to end the exceptional easy money/fiscal stimulus that followed? This Q and A (link here) explores the issues and the mis-steps that have led to today’s siding financial markets.

October 15th 2022

Q and A: Is the Covid pandemic over?

In late December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) was notified of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan City, China. Although it took some months for the significance to be recognized, this proved to the emergence of Covid 19, the virus which triggered a global pandemic and forced entire economies into lock-down, unemployment to soar and GDP to slump. In this updated Q and A (link here) Sandy Nairn discusses what we now know (and also what we still don’t know) about Covid 19 – its causes and effects – with Professor Gerry Graham, an expert advisor in the area of biological sciences.

September 15th 2022