My books

These are the three full length books that I have written, starting with the most recently published. You can order copies from the publishers or from Amazon and other online book retailers. My next book is likely to be a follow up to The End of the Everything Bubble, explaining how investors can profit from the bear market once it ends. Despite the current challenges facing investors, I remain an optimist and look forward with confidence to the potential gains that will come around in due course once the current, inevitable market correction has run its course.

The End of the Everything Bubble

The period since the global financial crisis has seen an unprecedented change in the way that central bankers and governments have behaved. By holding down interest rates for so long, central banks have helped to create one of the great bubbles in investing history, as well as enabling an extraordinary build up in the level of debt held by governments, companies and individuals. As I explain, this was always bound to end in an almighty collapse in the value of all types of financial assets. This is now taking place. The book chronicles the stages by which the bubble inflated and the likely consequences.

“Take a tour through Sandy Nairn’s well-curated well financial picture gallery. The images should frighten you…….A timely warning by an investor who knows whereof he speaks”. James Grant, Editor, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.

Templeton’s Way With Money

This book, co-authored with the professional investor and financial writer Jonathan Davis, examines the life and investment philosophy of one of the greatest investors of the modern era. Sir John Templeton (1912 to 2008) was a lifelong investor in the stock market, as well as a notable philanthropist. Over the course of his long career as a professional investor, he produced exceptional returns for his wealth management clients and for investors in the Templeton Growth Fund. His philosophy and investment approach remain as valid today as they were during his lifetime. The book draws on letters and memos that Sir John wrote to his clients as well as on my own experience working for him in the 1990s.

“A simply great new contribution about a beyond great market phenomenon. Any investor, young amateur or fifty-year professional will benefit to be sure. A lot of wisdom here for non-investors too”. Ken Fisher, Founder and CEO, Fisher Investments.

Engines That Move Markets

This was my first book and chronicles the extraordinary way in which the stock market has repeatedly witnessed speculative booms and busts driven by the emergence of new and life-changing technologies, from the railways onwards. I wrote it in the aftermath of the Internet bubble of 1999-2000, in part to try and understand how investors could have come to behave in such an extraordinarily irrational way, assigning huge valuations to start up companies that had no profits (and in some cases no revenues). It was a speculative mania to rival the famous bubbles of the past. By comparing this episode with those of the similar episodes in the past I sought to draw conclusions about the conditions which are needed to create this kind of bubble and the likely fallout that will occur when they finally burst.

“An outstanding book – a must read for all serious investors and for anyone interested in technology”. Professor Paul Marsh, Emeritus Professor of Finance at London Business School.